Wedding on yacht – how to make your dream come true?

Have you ever imagined how incredibly romantic and unique it could be to have a wedding on a yacht? It’s an extraordinary and unconventional setting that offers both beautiful views and a mysterious atmosphere.

Did you know that it’s possible to turn this dream into reality? In this article, we will explore the possibilities of getting married on a yacht in Poland, in the presence of a captain and after meeting all the legal requirements.

Wedding on a yacht

A wedding is a precious moment in life when two people in love decide to unite their lives forever. Traditionally, weddings take place in a church or a civil registry office, but today, more and more couples are looking for unconventional locations for their ceremonies.

One attractive option is to get married on a yacht. It’s not only romantic but also an adventurous experience that can become a cherished memory for a lifetime.

But is it even possible to have a wedding on a yacht? It turns out it is, but under specific circumstances. In Poland, a yacht captain does not automatically have the authority to officiate weddings. This task is entrusted to civil registry officials or clergy.

What to do when the captain isn’t a priest or civil registry clerk?

There are two solutions.

On of it is inviting a civil registry office director, their deputy, or a clergy member on board to conduct the wedding procedure.

You can also find a country where a wedding at sea is possible and the captain has the authority of a state official or where the law allows any person, including the captain, to officiate weddings.

In such a case, the captain can officiate the wedding on the yacht either in inland waters or up to 12 nautical miles from the coast of the respective country.

Unfortunately, finding such a country is not easy.

What documents do you need for a yacht wedding?

The required documents may vary depending on whether you want a civil or religious wedding.

For a civil wedding on a yacht in Poland, you will need:

  • identification documents for both future spouses, such as ID cards or passports,
  • full birth certificates issued not later than three months before the wedding date),
  • a certificate of legal capacity to marry, issued by the Polish Civil Registry Office not later than three months before the planned wedding date,
  • a statement confirming that, according to Polish law, the individuals planning the marriage have the legal capacity to do so.

A crucial document will be the application to hold the wedding outside the Civil Registry Office. But please be aware that the head of the Civil Registry Office may refuse to allow the wedding on a yacht if they determine that the location does not guarantee the solemnity and safety required for the ceremony.

And, if you choose another country, you may need to gather additional permits, certificates, or provide proof of payment for any required fees.

Not the end of formalities

When you exchange symbolic vows and the wedding is conducted, not all formalities are complete. In the case of a wedding on a foreign yacht, Polish authorities do not have access to information from foreign offices. Therefore, you must report the marriage to any Polish Civil Registry Office.

As part of this report, you must provide the original marriage certificate along with a sworn translation into Polish.

Every Civil Registry Office in Poland has access to a nationwide database. This means that all formalities related to your civil status can be handled at any office in Poland, which can be quite convenient.


To sum up

Getting married on a yacht is an extraordinary experience that combines romance, adventure, and the fulfillment of dreams. Dreams that will last forever.

However, remember that in addition to the magic of the moment, there is also a legal aspect that requires attention and proper preparation.  


Photo by Studio Este

Compiled by Kinga Fabisiak

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