Yacht Registration under the Polish flag – what does it look like in practice?

You are already the owner of a yacht, and you wonder how to save yourself unnecessary formalities and time not only at the stage of registering your yacht but also during further operation? Registering the yacht under the Polish flag can be really helpful with that. 

Is it true that registering yachts in Poland is so advantageous? 


Registering recreational yachts up to 15 meters in Poland is a process that offers many benefits and conveniences for shipowners. Importantly, the owner does not have to be of Polish nationality, so foreigners often choose Polish flag for their yachts.  

The biggest advantage of registering the yacht in Poland is its validity for a lifetime, which eliminates the need for periodic renewal. This is the biggest difference, compared to other flags.   

In other countries, there are the obligations to renew registration, which is inconvenient but also leads to additional costs. Such a situation can often be a serious obstacle to the long-term operation of the yacht by the owner, who for example, in retirement fulfills his dream of traveling around the world. 

This true global phenomenon is not only facilitating the shipowners’ lives, but it also spreads the red and white colors worldwide. It is now difficult to find a marina in the Mediterranean where a Polish flag would not be flying on at least one of the yachts. 

The main advantages of registering yachts in Poland: 

  • Valid for life: registration is valid for a lifetime, eliminating the need for annual renewal, providing stability and convenience for shipowners. 
  • No periodic fees: it does not require annual renewal, eliminating the additional costs associated with it. 
  • Fast registration process: the process is quick and efficient. 
  • No restrictions for recreational yachts: Poland does not impose additional restrictions on yachts up to 15 meters in length, for example, by not requiring annual safety inspections and technical surveys. 
  • Basic documentation: only basic documents are required, making the entire process more user-friendly and less complicated for shipowners. 
  • No additional costs: and no chargeable obligations, which reduces the final operational costs of the yacht. 

More about the process. 

The process of registering yachts in Poland is relatively quick and efficient, allowing shipowners to quickly enjoy legal status of their boats. Restrictions regarding recreational yachts are also relatively small, making registration attractive to both amateurs and professionals. 

Basic documentation is required for registration, which every new buyer will receive from the previous owner or from the shipyard. In case of older yachts, many data concerning the yacht can only be declared, and no document at all is required for this purpose. The minimum amount of required documents, and the possibility of replacing original documents with scans, makes the whole process more user-friendly and less complicated for shipowners compared to competitive flags. This also reduces unnecessary documentation, which is important especially for people planning to purchase a yacht abroad or people from outside Poland. 

So, are there any obligations? 

For yachts up to 15 meters in length, there are no additional restrictions other than obtaining a radio permit for a period of 10 years. Radio permission is a separate procedure that can be completed after obtaining the registration document. 

Larger yachts must undergo safety inspection and technical inspection according to an established schedule. This is done in appropriate cycles, depending on the age of the yacht. 

This is practically the only difficulty, and it applies only to those larger yachts and all commercial ones. For recreational yachts up to 15 m, the most popular ones, such an obligation is not foreseen. 

Of course, the financial aspect is also important here, because inspections and surveys are usually costly. And it is in other countries that they are also mandatory for recreational yachts up to 15 m. Therefore, it is not worth complicating your life and choosing the best solution for yourself – which is Polish flag – seems to be very reasonable.  

Who can help you with the process? 

Foreign shipowners are obliged to provide an address in Poland for correspondence purposes. This often involves the need to engage a proxy not only to receive correspondence related to yacht registration but also for assistance in completing the registration application, contacting the registering authority, etc. Therefore, choosing the right person to help you with these actions is necessary. 

It is worth having a professional proxy who guarantees to provide you with all necessary information and the completion of all required formalities. Very often, you can come across offers whose authors are guided by nothing but the desire to profit from the “performance” of the yacht registration service. It is recommended to avoid such offers and choose a reliable and trustworthy proxy.  


Registering yachts in Poland becomes more popular and attractive every year, especially for those seeking stability, convenience, and safety in their sailing adventure. We encourage all to get to know all the possibilities of yacht registration in Poland and to join the wide community of sea travel enthusiasts under the Polish flag. 

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Jakub Rodziewicz

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